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Why Partner with Us?

As the saying goes

Time is Money

In recent comparison KSG Solutions provides customized Talent Strategy Solutions that are over 60%  LESS compared to typical recruiting firms!!!  KSG Solutions pricing models are created to develop long term relationships focused on quality of hire versus quantity of hire.

When it comes to hiring the right team KSG Solutions is here to take the weight off of your shoulders to allow your business to focus on other necessary business tasks without sacrificing the level of quality in the hiring process.

So What’s All Involved Anyway?

In every hiring process, there are typically 7 steps team members have to go through in order to successfully complete the hiring process. If at any point during the hiring process any one of these steps is overlooked it could impact the quality of the hire and ultimately the organization as a whole.

Review & Analyze

This is where KSG Solutions really gets to understand your business model, strategic plan and hiring goals. We spend time aligning job descriptions and recruiting strategies per role that will help meet those goals

[Typical Time frame 2.5 hours]


To maximize the candidate attraction to your roles we post your position on multiple job boards at one time, taking care to use features that bring maximum benefits

[Typical time frame 2 hours]

Resume Review source

Typically  10% or less of all applicants are qualified to move forward to the first round for any given position. This means most businesses have the daunting task of wading through 90% of all of the applicants may not be qualified for the role. 

[Upwards of 20 hours per position]

phone Screen and Assess

Knowing the right questions to ask is critical and having the time to screen and assess the volume of qualified applicants is something KSG Solutions is skilled and qualified to manage.

[Typical time frame is 8-10 hours per role]


In any interview process there are typically multiple levels and rounds of interviews. KSG can help identify the interview strategy and help your organization effectively manage the end-to-end process.

[Hours vary depending on top candidates; typical timeframe is 4-8 hours per role]


Extending offers to candidates takes more than just typing up a letter and extending it to the candidates. This is where finesse and rapport building is critical. KSG solutions have developed relationships with candidates throughout the entire recruitment process to ensure there is consistency in the conversation and the interaction. The offer stage is the most critical stage of the process and KSG can coach, mentor, or manage the process for you.

[Typical timeframe 1-2 hours per role]


Onboarding should never stop on day 1. Onboarding involves ensuring there is fluidity in the transition from candidate to employee and beyond. KSG Solutions help to evaluate your company’s onboarding process to ensure new hires and the company are both set up for future success.

Total Hours Saved = 46 hours PER ROLE!!

Hiring or replacing 1-3 employees per year? Expect to spend

hours JUST focused on hiring Silver Partnership

Hiring or replacing 3-5 employees per year? Expect to spend  

hours JUST focused on hiring

Hiring or replacing 7-10 employees? Expect to spend

hours JUST focused on hiring

Pricing Models

that Make Sense

3-Month Agreement

Reserved for Special Project roles or 1-2 positions


6-Month Agreement


    Reserved for 3-6 roles with targeted strategy

9-Month Agreement

Mini Long Term Solution

    When you need to ramp up hiring  strategically over this time frame

12-Month Agreement

Long Term Strategy Solution

When you have 10+ roles you need to fill this is typically the best option

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2. We will schedule an client intake call to review your positions, understand your culture and talk about talent strategy

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